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Surface treatment bath recovery
Surface treatment bath recovery
Painting bath recovery

Nicou Environmental: N°1 in France

using electrodialytic & membrane processes

NICOU Environmental : Spécialiste de l'électrolyse par voie membranaire / Specialist in membrane-based electro-deposition
Founded in 1962, Nicou Environmental, a division of PURETECH Environmental, manufactures and markets :

electrodialysis cells for stabilising cataphoresis paint baths

electrodialysis cells for surface treatment

Today, NICOU Environmental is recognised as a specialist in membrane-based electrodeposition: a key supplier for many companies.

NICOU Environmental : N°1 en France des cellules d'électrodialyse - Specialist in membrane-based electro-deposition

N°1 in France

NICOU Environmental : Spécialiste des cellules l'électrolyse - Specialist in membrane-based electro-deposition

Over 50 years of expérience

NICOU Environmental : Fabrication française de cellules d'électrodialyse

Made in France

Présence en France et à l'international pour NICOU Environmental : Spécialiste de l'électrolyse par voie membranaire

France & Worldwide

Product treatment


Candles for recycling chromic acid and other chemical solutions:

Electrodialysis cells for cataphoresis

NICOU Environmental : Spécialiste de l'électrolyse par voie membranaire avec ses cellules d'électrodialyse par cataphorèse pour l'automobile / specialist in membrane-based electro-deposition for automotive
Tubular, tank-bottom or pressurised cells, designed in stainless steel for optimum strength and adaptability.

Zinc/copper ceramic candles

Chandelles céramiques pour le zinc et le nickel par NICOU Environmental : Spécialiste de l'électrolyse par voie membranaire Ceramic candles in Zinc/nickel by the specialist in membrane-based electro-deposition
A complete range of electrodialysis cells for surface treatment using Membrane-based electrodeposition, developed with ceramic membranes.

Candles for etching bath

Chandelles NAFION pour le bain de satinage par NICOU Environmental : Spécialiste de l'électrolyse par voie membranaire
A turnkey product: from NAFION candle to the manufacture of tanks for the treatment and regeneration of etching baths.

Turnkey installations


Our teams operate in France and abroad.

Every project begins with an in-depth study of your needs and specifications. We then analyse your infrastructure to offer you the best possible installation.
the design

For any request, whether traditional or specific, our design office will draw up a proposal:

  • either by adapting to existing sites
  • or by creating new facilities
Our production is 100% French and is recognised by many customers in a wide variety of sectors.
Our manufacturing site is based near Paris for optimum export of all our products.
Our own technicians install our products directly on your site. With many years’ experience behind them, they always work efficiently and professionally.
after sales service
  • All our products are designed to be as easy as possible to replace.
  • Our products come with a 12-month parts and labour warranty.
  • Spare parts are always available to meet customer requirements.
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